Blue Jeans Teddies Diaper Stacker

This item is a beautiful Diaper Stacker, which matches the Moses Basket and Bedding in our current items. This beautiful diaper stacker is made of Blue and White Gingham.

The top, hanger portion is padded and decorated with : Blue Jeans Teddies and Baby Blue Satin Twist Cording. The front edges have Appliqued Balloon Blocks, edged with White Eyelet lace.

There is a fabric covered, cardboard piece in the inside bottom of the stacker to hold it's shape and support up to 4 dz. disposable diapers or up to 2 dz. cloth diapers.

The Bottom Support and Hanger are removable for laundering. The stacker also has White Grograin Ribbons attached for tying to the end of a crib.

DIMENSIONS: 25" long, 15" wide, 9" deep.

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Blue Jeans Teddies Diaper Stacker
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